How non woven bags are manufactured

Tulip Fabrics Private Limited is the most renowned non woven bags manufacturer in India. There are different kinds of non woven bags. They are D cut, W cut, U cut, Loop handle non woven bags etc. Non woven bags made of non woven fabrics which have absorbency, liquid repellence, softness, strength and flexibility. The non woven fabrics which make these bags can be either single use fabric or very durable fabric.

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Tulip Fabrics Private Limited is known to be the most popular and renowned non woven fabrics exporter in India. Tulip is the best exporter of non woven fabrics In India. Tulip exports the best quality non woven fabrics all over the world. Tulip has gained a worldwide fame as an exporter of the most premium quality non woven fabrics. Customer satisfaction and ensuring timely and quality service have let us retain our popularity in pandemic time as well.

Tulip Fabrics Private Limited is the best non woven rolls manufacturer in India. These rolls and their finished products are extremely environmental friendly as well as pocket friendly. These rolls are also reusable. They are easily decomposed.